Installation & Startup

We mechanically & electrically install all our own equipment, unlike most national firms.

Our crews have been together for a long time. They understand our engineering approach, which makes bringing your equipment on-line reliable and quick. Because we are primarily regional, we give our employees the advantage of less travel, which means lower turnover and more experienced staff on your installation.

Your staff is trained and has a relationship for maintenance.

Our staff builds a relationship with your engineering and maintenance staff so that a smooth hand-off takes place and there is a clear level of support available.

This allows us to assure you, our customer, that we will provide on-going service, preventative maintenance contracts and safety inspections on a regular basis. Your savings in bulk material handling come over time. We want to be available to assure those savings.

Your investment stretches long past its depreciated life.

Equipment designed to last and that is properly maintained means you do not have to make additional investments in replacement equipment. The longer the life of your equipment, the greater your return on investment.

Your production line is up and running a higher percentage of the time.

When you plan on maintaining the equipment it has an impact on the engineering and quality of the materials selected. We design systems to be value priced within the original budget. The natural outcome is a system that is easily maintained and stays operational.