Specialty Elbows

DoverMEI Proprietary K-ELL

  • K-ELL’s in critical locations in your convey system to reduce / eliminate product degradation
  • The K-ELL was developed to eliminate deficiencies, such as:
    • Wear
    • Degradation
    • Eliminate low pressure vertices after the elbows that collect pellets
      • contamination issue
    • Secondary wear points with abrasive products
    • Pressure drop issues
  • Removable/replaceable contact plate serves as an inspection access for the convey line
    • very important for pellet conveying
  • Construction:
    • Body can be either aluminum or stainless steel construction
    • Contact plate is stainless steel
  • Treatment options available upon request:
    • Internal unidirectional hammered finish
    • Tungsten carbide plasma coating
    • Anodizing


K-Ell Info