Storage Tanks & Silos

Our welded, one-piece construction insures the highest quality and lowest cost solution for your raw material storage needs. Standard sizes range up to 13’ diameter with capacities up to 9,000 ft.3. Custom fabrication and special designs are easily accommodated. Additionally, a full compliment of standardized accessories and delivery services, via self-unloading trucks, are also available.

Materials of Construction:

  • Hot-rolled galvanized steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel

Standard Features:

  • Exteriors sandblasted per SSPC-SP6
  • Rust inhibitive exterior primer 1.5 Mil D.F.T.
  • Computer analyzed design and complete engineering drawings
  • Full complement of exterior finishes and interior linings (enamels, zincs, polyurethanes, FDA epoxies, etc.)

Available Options:

  • Custom designs and special fabrications
  • Material certifications
  • Certified welding procedures
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • P.E. stamped engineering calculations

Design Criteria:

  • Material bulk density, coefficient of friction, angle of repose, and flow characteristics
  • Seismic conditions and wind-snow loads
  • Pressure, vacuum, and equipment loads
  • Uniform building code (latest edition)
  • ANSI A-58 code (building design)